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Why You Need a Dehumidifier in Lakeland

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

If you’ve lived in Lakeland for at least a year, you know that summer (as well as spring and parts of the fall) can become very humid. Here are some hard numbers to tell you how humid: the upper range of relative humidity during the year is in August, where it reaches 93%! Considering that 40% humidity is considered a “comfortable” level, that’s an astonishingly unpleasant level of moisture trapped in the air. But even during April through July, the humidity regularly climbs into the high 80%s every 3 days out of 4.

In other words, you should invest in installing at whole-house dehumidifier in Lakeland.

Bring down the stifling humidity levels in your home by calling Air Conditioning Experts today to arrange for a fast and effective dehumidifier installation.

The advantages of a dehumidifier

  • Comfort: Once humidity climbs over 60%, it starts to make warm temperatures feel warmer. This isn’t because the extra moisture in the air is raising the temperature; it’s due to the moisture making it more difficult for the human body to release heat through perspiration. Sweat evaporates slower in a humid environment, and so more heat remains trapped in your body, making you feel hotter. A powerful whole-house dehumidifier will balance out the humidity level by absorbing the air moisture, making you feel cooler.
  • Energy savings: There’s a second benefit that comes with improved comfort. The cooler you feel during the summer, the less you will need to run your AC. You can expect to have the air conditioner blasting all the time during 80%+ humidity. Using a dehumidifier to lower the relative humidity to 50% can mean reducing your cooling costs by a third.
  • Better health: Aside from making you feel less hot, a dehumidifier will improve health conditions in your home. Humidity allows for the easy spread and growth of a number of viruses. It also encourages the development of mold that can release toxic spores into the air. Balanced humidity removes a breeding ground for sickness from your home.
  • Less water damage: Excess moisture in the air isn’t good for your furnishings either. The same mold and mildew that can threaten your health will also threaten building material, eating through drywall, causing wood rot, and making paint and wallpaper peel.

You’ll enjoy life more during the summer in Lakeland, FL with a dehumidifier working to keep your air moisture balanced. It takes a professional installer to make sure that you have the right system in your house to see that your air doesn’t become too dry (which can create as many problems as being too humid). Look to our skilled indoor air quality specialists at Air Conditioning Experts for the dehumidifier service you need.

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3 Reasons to Install an Air Filtration System

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Installing an air filtration system for a home may seem like too much effort. Air filtration is something that’s only necessary for businesses, right? Or for airports and large public buildings. Are there really any benefits to installing a system for air filtration in a home?

Yes, there are. In today’s world of houses and buildings with heavy air sealing to help the job of heating and cooling, protecting indoor air quality with purifiers and filters is more important than ever. The process isn’t a difficult one either: you simply need to contact skilled professionals in indoor air quality, like those at Air Conditioning Experts, and ask them to choose from among the available air filtration systems in Lakeland, FL and handle the installation for your home. We will find the right system to service your needs.

Reasons to install air filtration in your home

  1. Better health for you and your family: This is the principle reason to invest in an indoor air quality system. The U.S. EPA has identified declining air quality as a major threat to health in the country, and most of these problems come from stuffy air that circulates debris through ventilation. The dust and dirt—as well as even less pleasant contaminants—that gathers in the air in your home will cause breathing problems, congestion, skin and eye irritation, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and can trigger serious asthma attacks and allergy problems in people with high sensitivity. Using the power of mechanical filters and electronic air purifiers will remove more than 99% of the contaminants in the air that can lead to health issues.
  2. Improve air conditioner/heater efficiency: The contamination that gathers in your ductwork is also bad for the health of your forced-air heater and air conditioner. As dust and debris build up inside your ventilation system, it will lead to clogged filters that reduce airflow and can cause icing along an AC. It can also penetrate the heater and AC cabinet and cause repair issues. The layers of dust inside the ventilation system will impede airflow and cause a spike in utility bills. Filters will do an effective job of keeping your HVAC system clean and working well for you.
  3. A cleaner home: The particles in your air that will affect your health and damage your heating and cooling system will also spread across your home’s furnishings. Without a filter to catch and block debris, you will start to experience extra layers of dust throughout your home, which can cause damage to furniture and antiques.

Call professionals for your best air filtration options

There are many different options for filtering the air in a house, and the only way to know which one will do the job that you need is to consult with air quality experts.

When you think it’s time to look into air filtration systems in Lakeland, FL, make the call to our team at Air Conditioning Experts today. We offer a variety of ways to improve the air in your home.

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Burning Odors and Expert Air Conditioning Repair

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

You should always pay attention to the air that wafts from the vents in your house, since changes can warn you that you may have a problem inside your air conditioning system that requires professional fixes. A drop in air pressure or a loss of cooling power are reasons to get on the phone and contact a skilled Lakeland, FL air conditioning repair company.

Another common warning sign: acrid, burning, and just plain unpleasant odors coming from the vents. Although not necessarily a reason to call the Fire Department, these smells are signals that something is wrong inside the AC. For fast and effective service that will restore your cooling, contact Air Conditioning Experts right away.

Possible reasons for those smells from the vents

  • “Odoriferous coil” – This rather grand sounding name describes a condition where the evaporator coil of your air conditioner lets off a foul smell whenever the system comes on; it often has the odor of something burning. This happens because of mold growing along the coil, or it could come from smoke in the house seeping into the coil (this usually happen if there is someone in your house who smokes, but it can also occur because of fire damage, even burnt popcorn). You will need to have repair technicians give the coil a thorough cleaning—not the type you can do yourself with a rag.
  • Failing motor – If the blower motor inside the interior cabinet of the air conditioner has lost lubrication or has developed a thick layer of dust, it may begin to undergo significant stress that will lead to overheating. When a motor overheats, it will cause the wiring inside to fuse together and to the casing, and this will create the powerful burning smell. Call for repairs to see if the motor can be salvaged; if it can’t, it will need to be replaced.
  • Filter clogging –The air filter that protects your air conditioner’s interior may be the source of the smell, especially if it is clogged with dust and dirt. (You should change it once a month during the summer.) Burning odors from the house, or charred particles, can become trapped in the filter and add their acrid smell to the air from the vents. Change the filter, and call for repair technicians to make sure the clogging has not caused damage elsewhere.

There is always a small chance of fire damage from electrical malfunctions, although with air conditioners this is rarely something about which to worry. However, the burning smells do indicate something amiss with the system, and unless you have repairs done fast, you might end up with an non-functioning AC in the middle of summer.

To get to the bottom of these unpleasant smells from your cooling system, contact the NATE-certified technicians at Air Conditioning Experts. We back all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Why Are Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Placed on the Roof?

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Commercial air conditioning systems function more or less the same way that residential systems do: cycling refrigerant through a series of valves and coils that first revert it to liquid form (releasing hot air in the process) then evaporate it back into a gas (pulling heat from the air, then blowing the cooled air through the building with a fan). If that’s the case, however, then why are commercial air conditioning systems placed on the roof, while most residential systems aren’t? The answers help illustrate why commercial HVAC systems require different skills to repair and why, when it comes to commercial air conditioning, Lakeland office managers should look for a repair services that specialize in such systems.

Commercial systems undergo a lot more strain than residential systems do. They need to cool a larger space most of the time, and support a larger number of people during the heat of the day. More importantly, their specific needs will shift periodically, as old businesses depart from a given space and new businesses (likely with much different air conditioning needs) step in.

That’s why the rooftop makes a lot of sense. It has a great deal of space which allows for modular air conditioning units to be installed or removed with ease. You can thus adjust the comparative size of the system without upending the entire structure. The rooftop also has the space to let you do that without encroaching on interior office space or exterior parking space (both of which can be used for other, more pressing concerns.) Plus, it lets you install a new unit without having to move it through the interior space, and when repairs are needed, the technician can get to the system without having to disrupt work inside the building.

If you know why commercial air conditioning systems are placed on the roof, you also know that you need to hire the right technician to perform installation or repairs.

In matters of commercial air conditioning systems, Lakeland has specialists ready to go with Air Conditioning Experts. Call us today to set up an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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