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Why Are the Temperatures Uneven around My Home?

Monday, April 25th, 2016

You can stay nice and cool while you’re cooking in the kitchen, but for some reason your bedroom seems to take much longer to cool down. You might have already accepted this as something that is normal for your home, but it’s not something you should put up with. In fact, if this is happening to you, you could be spending way too much on air conditioning (and heating).

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How Well Does a Fan Cool Down a Room?

Monday, April 18th, 2016

When you’re feeling a little bit warm, turning on a fan can often help. A ceiling fan, a standing fan, or even a tiny desk fan can cool you off enough to keep you comfortable—to an extent. But as temperatures warm up, fans become less and less effective. In fact, they are incapable of lowering the temperature of the room by themselves.

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This Simple Monthly Task Helps You Save Money Each Month

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

It’s something that many homeowners have heard, but something that few remember to do. You’re supposed to change (replace) the air filter in your air conditioning system each and every month. The reason many people neglect this task is that few understand the repercussions of skipping a filter replacement. It’s not just your health you should worry about (though the filter is useful in keeping allergy symptoms under control). Read on to find out more about the filter and why it’s so important to change it.

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Condensate Drains and AC Trouble: Maintenance Is Key

Monday, April 11th, 2016

Often, homeowners assume that the troubling leak from their wall or ceiling has to do with the plumbing pipes. But from time to time, it turns out that the pipes are not the problem at all. In fact, air conditioning condensate drain leaks are one of the most common reasons people call us for emergency AC repairs. And when they do, they often have a lot of questions.

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2 Air Conditioning Problems You Should Not Ignore

Monday, April 4th, 2016

If there’s ever a certain time of the year that air conditioner problems start popping up, it’s usually the beginning of the cooling season. Extreme temperatures, which we aren’t too far away from experiencing, truly test the operation and working condition of your cooling system. Ignoring problems now can result in a system failure in the dead of summer, when you need your air conditioner the most. To avoid reaching that point, keep reading for 2 common AC problems you shouldn’t ignore.

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