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Why Is my Air Conditioner Leaking?

A leaky air conditioner is one of the most common reasons for emergency air conditioner repairs. While your air conditioner does not require any water to run, it does build up in your system as a result of condensation. This should safely drain to the outdoors, unless there is a problem. Depending on the location of the indoor portion of the air conditioner, it may leak onto the ceiling, damage the foundation of the home, or lead to mold growth. Contact a professional right away when you notice a leak, and read our post to learn more.

Your Air Conditioner Is Also a Dehumidifier

One of the key features of an air conditioner that many people are unaware of is its ability to dehumidify. In fact, the original AC systems were designed primarily to dehumidify, since excess moisture in the air can be a major barrier to your comfort. Refrigerant pumps through the indoor coil, and an indoor fan continuously blows warm air from the home over it. As the coil cools, any moisture in the air also collects on the cool coil as condensation. Ideally, this should then drip down into a pan set up beneath the coil. The condensate then flows into a drainpipe and exits the home.

Reasons for a Leaky System

A problem occurs when the runoff doesn’t quite make it through the drain. This could be due to one of several reasons.

  • The condensate drip pan is not set up at the correct angle.
  • The condensate pump—an installation that is sometimes necessary to help move the water along—has a broken motor.
  • There is a hole in the condensate tray.
  • A buildup of debris in the condensate drainpipe forces the water to backup.

Professional air conditioning maintenance, performed annually, can prevent these issues, or your technician can detect them early enough to keep leaks from damaging your home. If you do suspect a leak, contact your local air conditioning technician ASAP.

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