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Commercial AC Maintenance Is Important to Your Business

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

The comfort of those on your commercial property is crucial to the operation of your business. When your building is kept at an uncomfortable temperature, it’s difficult for your employees to concentrate. Tenants may not feel inspired to renew their leases and customers may leave the building if the air conditioner does not function properly. And on the hottest of days, business may even need to come to a stop for a sudden breakdown.

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Reasons to Schedule Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Air conditioning is a necessity for residential properties in our part of the country, and this goes double for your commercial property. As a business owner, it’s imperative to have a cool, comfortable place where your customers and/or clients can conduct their business with you. This is why it’s important to schedule maintenance for your commercial air conditioning in Tampa, and even more important to schedule it with professionals, like the ones from Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.

Why Schedule Maintenance?

Maintenance for your commercial air conditioner may seem like an unnecessary expense, but here are some items to consider about scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance:

Would you like to reduce the amount of repairs your commercial AC needs?

Maintenance can help achieve this. How? During a maintenance appointment, your commercial air conditioner is thoroughly inspected and cleaned. The technician takes care of small, developing problems, like worn fan belts, that can grow into much bigger problems, as well as detect any major problems. In addition, cleaning and lubrication are a big part of a maintenance appointment, so the smaller components of your air conditioner can run optimally.

Would you like to see smaller energy bills?

Saving money where you can is important to any business. Did you know that every year your air conditioner isn’t scheduled for maintenance it can lose up to 5% of its original energy efficiency? How about that scheduling regular maintenance keeps your AC operating at 95% of its original efficiency? An air conditioner that hasn’t been maintained can become stressed; stressed ACs need more power to work, which can increase your monthly utility bills.

Would you like to extend the life of your system?

When an AC works under stress for a long period of time, different parts of the system can age prematurely. On the other hand, when regular maintenance is scheduled, all parts are kept in good working order, which means the system isn’t working under stressful conditions. This can help extend the life of your system.

Maintenance is an excellent way to ensure that your commercial air conditioning works as you need it to.

If it’s been a while since your commercial air conditioning in Tampa was scheduled for maintenance, make an appointment with the professionals you can trust: Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.

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