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3 Common Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Florida weather presents a special situation when it comes to keeping a business cooled down: the air conditioning must remain in peak operating condition throughout the year to handle any rise in heat. Since the AC that keeps your workspace comfortable doesn’t receive an extended “vacation” during the year, you need to keep current with any repairs that it may need.

Air Conditioning Experts offers quality repairs for commercial air conditioning in Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergency services, so you won’t have to worry about staying without your valuable air conditioning for long.

Here are 3 of the more common repairs that commercial ACs may need:

One: Sealing refrigerant leaks and recharging refrigerant

The refrigerant blend (sometimes referred to by the trademarked name Freon) inside an air conditioner is an essential part of the heat exchange process that allow the system to work. Leaks can begin to appear in the refrigerant lines as the air conditioner ages, and this will impair the cooling capacity of the system and could even lead to a full breakdown of the compressor. Repair technicians use special equipment to find refrigerant leaks, and then seal them and restore the lost refrigerant to its proper level.

Two: Fixing blower fans and motors

Commercial spaces require powerful blower fans to distribute the air from the air conditioner throughout the rooms. The fans in a commercial AC undergo a great deal of stress and their motors can burn out or the fan itself sustain damage. Technicians will replace any broken motors and do what is necessary to get the blower fan working properly again.

Three: Thermostat recalibration

Because businesses often require a large network of thermostats to control the temperature, any error with a singly thermostat that makes it read the temperature incorrectly can lead to a faulty AC. The technicians will recalibrate the thermostat so that it accurately gauges the indoor temperature and adjusts the air conditioner accordingly.

To help ensure that your air conditioner will need as few repairs as possible, schedule routine maintenance for the system. The best time for maintenance from an HVAC professional is during the spring before the major heat arrives. However, it is never too late to have it done, and it will not only keep away repairs but also make sure that your air conditioning system doesn’t place extra strain on your utility bills.

You shouldn’t risk business productivity on an air conditioner that gives out suddenly.

Schedule your repairs for commercial air conditioning in Tampa, FL the moment you know you need them. Contact Air Conditioning Experts and let our team handle the job.

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Why Are Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Placed on the Roof?

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Commercial air conditioning systems function more or less the same way that residential systems do: cycling refrigerant through a series of valves and coils that first revert it to liquid form (releasing hot air in the process) then evaporate it back into a gas (pulling heat from the air, then blowing the cooled air through the building with a fan). If that’s the case, however, then why are commercial air conditioning systems placed on the roof, while most residential systems aren’t? The answers help illustrate why commercial HVAC systems require different skills to repair and why, when it comes to commercial air conditioning, Lakeland office managers should look for a repair services that specialize in such systems.

Commercial systems undergo a lot more strain than residential systems do. They need to cool a larger space most of the time, and support a larger number of people during the heat of the day. More importantly, their specific needs will shift periodically, as old businesses depart from a given space and new businesses (likely with much different air conditioning needs) step in.

That’s why the rooftop makes a lot of sense. It has a great deal of space which allows for modular air conditioning units to be installed or removed with ease. You can thus adjust the comparative size of the system without upending the entire structure. The rooftop also has the space to let you do that without encroaching on interior office space or exterior parking space (both of which can be used for other, more pressing concerns.) Plus, it lets you install a new unit without having to move it through the interior space, and when repairs are needed, the technician can get to the system without having to disrupt work inside the building.

If you know why commercial air conditioning systems are placed on the roof, you also know that you need to hire the right technician to perform installation or repairs.

In matters of commercial air conditioning systems, Lakeland has specialists ready to go with Air Conditioning Experts. Call us today to set up an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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