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Trade In that Window Unit for a Ductless Air Conditioner

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Many homes just aren’t set up to handle central air conditioning. When there are no ducts in a home (or in a single room or detached structure), a lot of homeowners go out and purchase window air conditioners instead. These little units do have the same components as conventional air conditioning systems. However, they are nowhere near as efficient.

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3 Advantages of Using Ductless Cooling Systems

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Ductless cooling has been around for quite some time, but has been used more and more in residential properties. Ductless cooling in Lakeland can offer benefits that traditional split-system air conditioners may not, the most important being whole-house air conditioning to homes that do not have ductwork.

What Is Ductless Cooling?

A ductless air conditioner has an outdoor unit very similar to a traditional split-system AC, but the indoor components, known as the air blowers, or mounted directly into the room they are going to cool. The outdoor unit and indoor blowers are connected to each other via a conduit that runs through a small hole drilled into an exterior wall. The conduit holds the electrical, drainage and refrigerant lines that the indoor blowers need to operate.

What Are the Advantages?

As stated above, one of the top advantages of ductless air conditioning is the ability to have whole-home cooling in a house that does not have ductwork. But there are other important advantages to ductless cooling systems of which you may not be aware:

Cost Effective

Ductless are blowers are individually placed directly into the room or space that needs the air conditioning, and each is completely programmable, allowing you to use them only as needed. This can make them more cost effective than a fully-ducted air conditioning system, something you would see in your monthly utility bill.

Zone-Control Comfort

Because each ductless blower is independently programmed, you have the ability to set and control the exact temperature of each space; a single-set thermostat cannot give you this kind of control over your cooling. The outdoor unit of a ductless air conditioner typically supports 4 independent blowers, enabling you to cover a good amount of space within your home.

Easily Expanded

Ductless cooling can be a good option when adding an addition to your home that you want cooled. Why? There is no extra ductwork to be done; the indoor blower just needs to be connected to the outdoor unit.

Is Ductless Cooling a Good Choice for You?

There are a number of factors to research and review before choosing the type of air conditioner that will fit best in your home.

If you have questions about ductless cooling in Lakeland, schedule an appointment with an Air Conditioning Experts professional today!

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