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It’s Time to Consider Air Conditioning Maintenance in Lakeland

Friday, February 20th, 2015

We may still be in the heart of winter, but it isn’t too early to think about summer – and your summer air conditioning. Getting ahead of our hot weather with a winter air conditioning maintenance appointment in Lakeland can be of great benefit to both you and your air conditioning system. You may wondering if it’s a little too early for air conditioning maintenance, but the experts at Air Conditioning Experts are ready and waiting to help you get your AC ready for this coming summer!

Why Now?

There are a few reasons why scheduling your air conditioning maintenance now is a good idea:

You’ll Be Prepared for Hot Weather

We can see high temperatures pretty early on in Lakeland, and no one wants to turn on their AC the first hot day of the year only to find it isn’t working. Scheduling maintenance now gives your technician the opportunity to detect any existing or developing problems and take care of them before the warm weather hits.

No Critters

The metal cabinet that houses your outdoor components can be a pretty great place for animals to hunker down for the cooler winter months. Animal nests can cause a bevy of problems, and a winter maintenance appointment will discover any unwanted house guests.

Removes Winter Debris Build-Up

It isn’t unusual for leaves, sticks and other yard debris to clutter your system’s outdoor unit, especially if you haven’t used your unit for a few months. Cleaning is a big part of any maintenance appointment, and if your outdoor unit does have debris, it will be cleaned out before it can cause any problems.

Better Energy Efficiency

The full tune-up your AC system receives during a maintenance appointment allows the system to work optimally; when your system works optimally, it operates efficiently.

If you are interested in getting ahead for the warm weather with an air conditioning maintenance appointment for your Lakeland home, call Air Conditioning Experts today!

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Reasons to Consider a Ductless AC in Valrico

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Did you end last summer with the knowledge that your air conditioner was on its last legs? It may not be summer yet, but it’s never too late to start considering your options for air conditioning replacement. One system you may want to consider for your Valrico home is a ductless AC. There are a number of benefits ductless systems can offer homeowners, including the option to use the system for both heating and cooling (with heat pump technology), but it’s important to understand how the system works.

Ductless Components

Ductless air conditioners have an outdoor unit that contains the compressor and condenser, but the cool air is distributed indoor blowers that operate individually. The indoor blowers average about 35” in length and can be mounted to walls, ceilings and above doorways and windows, and they connect to the outdoor unit via a conduit drilled into an exterior wall. A single outdoor unit can support up to 4 indoor blowers.

Benefits of Ductless ACs

The most obvious benefit of a ductless AC is that you don’t need to have ductwork to achieve whole-home air conditioning; this can be particularly beneficial for older homes that don’t have ductwork. Another advantage of ductless AC systems is energy efficiency: with a ductless system, you won’t have to worry about air loss from faulty ductwork; additionally, each indoor blower operates independently, so you use only the cooling you need. Lastly, if you install a ductless AC system that has heat pump technology, you’ll have the ability to heat and cool your home with a single device.

Always Hire a Professional

Ductless systems are much easier to install than ducted systems, but this does not mean the average homeowner should endeavor to install his or her ductless AC system as a DIY job. The professionals at Air Conditioning Experts have been installing, repairing and replacing air conditioning systems since 1995, and we bring this experience to every job we have.

If you are considering the installation of a ductless AC for your Valrico home, call the team at Air Conditioning Experts today!

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What’s Involved with Commercial Heating Installation?

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

As an owner or manager of a commercial property, your job is quite demanding, and it can be hard to find the time to take care of some of the necessities that keep your business going. When it comes to installing large appliances, you may not think too much about it, leaving the job up to the first contractor you find who is willing to do the job. But there is a lot that goes into commercial heating installation, so you should take the time to find a quality contractor who will discuss your options with you and help you to choose a system that suits your business’s needs and budget.

Finding a Contractor

Of course, your first step (and the most important) will be finding someone to install the new unit. You should make sure that the contractors you consider offer commercial heating services. If the contractor is inexperienced with commercial installation, it’s time to continue your search. Residential installers are simply too unfamiliar with the complex zoning needs of a business as well as the common installation practices of a packaged heating and AC system. An amateur will also likely be unfamiliar with the standard safety and installation procedures involved and may be a liability to your business.

Choosing the Right System

And you’ll want to make sure you get the right type of unit for your business’s heating needs. This includes choosing whether you want a packaged air conditioner and furnace or even a packaged heat pump with the ability to both heat and cool. A packaged system is installed in one piece and is usually located on the rooftop. This is different from most types of heating and AC units because every piece is located in a single cabinet and connects directly to the ductwork.


Finally, the technician must install the unit safely and securely, taking into account any particular zoning needs as well. The right technician can do the job quickly, and stay out of the way as much as possible, so that you can get back to business soon.

Call Air Conditioning Experts for commercial heating services in Valrico, from installation to repairs and comprehensive maintenance.

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The Benefits of Choosing Radiant Heating in Valrico

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Radiant heating is one of the most efficient, effective heating systems on the market. Though the technology has its roots in ancient Rome, however, a lot of homeowners in this day and age don’t really know what it is. Keep reading to discover what radiant heating does, why it’s effective, and why you may want to consider installing one.

What is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating is a boiler-based system designed to heat a home through the distribution of hot water. It begins with the installation of water pipes in the subfloor or walls of each room that needs heat. This pipe network is then connected to the main boiler. The boiler heats and pumps water throughout this network when the heat is on. As the hot water flows through the pipes, it releases thermal energy through the walls or floor and out into the room.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

To understand the benefits of radiant heating, you must first understand how forced air heaters operate. When a forced air heater pumps warm air into a room, the air rises to the ceiling. This makes it pretty useless to those who actually in the room, unless they have some reason for spending all their time on ladders. As the warm air cools, it sinks to the floor of the room. This results in the formation of uncomfortable striations in each room, areas where it is warmer near the top of the room while still being quite cold near the floor.

Radiant heating solves this issue by heating from the bottom of the room upwards. Since it is not relying on air to transport heat, it doesn’t have the same cold spots caused by warm air rising to the ceiling. Instead, rooms heated by radiant heating remain warm in the spaces that people actually occupy.

Radiant systems are also a great deal more energy efficient than forced air systems. Duct leaks contribute to a heat loss of up to 30% in most forced air systems. Radiant systems avoid this problem by eschewing ducts of any kind.

If you’d like to know more, call Air Conditioning Experts. We install radiant heating throughout Valrico.

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Which Type of Air Purifier Works Best?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

We do everything we can to keep from getting sick. We wash our hands often, get a flu shot, and visit the doctor when we suspect an illness may be coming on. These are all important steps in establishing healthy routines. And another great way to ward off illness is with a quality air purifier.

Air purifiers work independently or with your HVAC system to keep harmful pollutants out of the air that you breathe. We keep our homes tightly sealed when we run our air conditioners, which means dust and particles may simply continue to recirculate throughout the home. You need an effective air purifier to ensure these pollutants are taken care of, but there are a few different types available on the market, including mechanical filters and electronic air purifiers. Which type is best for your home?

Mechanical Air Cleaners

A mechanical air cleaner uses a filter to strain out most of the particles that could have an impact on the people in your household. If you have a forced-air cooling system in place, you already have a filter that rejects most of the particles that attempt to enter your ducts. However, this may not be the best quality available. For the best filtration, look for a HEPA filter or a standard filter with a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) of 14-16.

Two Types of Electronic Air Purifiers

While mechanical filters are fairly effective, electronic air cleaners may remove smaller substances and are highly recommended for people with respiratory problems or compromised immune systems. The two types of electronic air purifiers available for installation in Valrico, electrostatic precipitators and ion generators, both use ions to keep both particles out of the air and may even remove some gaseous pollutants including smoke and pesticides. The two systems use a slightly different process to do so.

  • Electrostatic Precipitators — As particles pass through an electrostatic precipitator, they are given a charge so that they can stick to plates within the system that have an opposite charge. These plates should be removed and cleaned every few months.
  • Ion Generators — Ion generators instead use ionization to release ions into the air, so that they attach to particles which then stick to surfaces in the home like the walls or drapes instead of moving into the air.

Call Air Conditioning Experts to learn more about air purifiers in Valrico. We have years of experience installing and maintaining these systems to keep your air as clean and safe as possible.

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Why You Need Professional Duct Sealing

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Imagine trying to blow up a balloon with a small hole in it. You’d probably get it to inflate about halfway, but not entirely. To stop the hole from leaking, you put your finger on top of the hole, essentially sealing it; the balloon inflates fully.

This same type of scenario is what happens with your faulty ductwork, but on a much larger scale. Additionally, because your air ducts are (obviously) larger than a balloon, particles and fumes can get in through holes and cracks, compromising your indoor air quality in Valrico. One of the best ways to help reduce and eliminate these types of issues with your air ducts is to schedule professional duct sealing. Just as placing your finger over the balloon hole stopped the air from leaking out duct sealing helps reduce air loss while also keeping pollutants out. Duct sealing is a hard seal, so it’s good for the long-term.

Since 1995, Air Conditioning Experts has helped customers improve their indoor air quality with a number of services, and we can help you improve yours with professional duct sealing. 

What Is Duct Sealing?

Duct sealing is the hard-sealing of holes and cracks in your ducts. It is also the reconnecting and sealing of sections of your ducts where the binding or seal has broken, creating a break in the duct.

How Is Duct Sealing Done?

Your technician will thoroughly inspect your ductwork to see where cracks, holes and disconnections exist. Once he/she assesses the areas to be sealed, the technician will brush mastic, a thick, fibrous adhesive that dries into a permanent seal, over the cracks and holes, then lay a piece of tape over the mastic; these spots will be left to cure. For disconnections, the technician will brush mastic onto the connecting ends, wrap them with sheet metal binding and secure the binding with sheet metal nails.

What Are the Benefits of Duct Sealing?

There are several important benefits to duct sealing:

  • Improved air quality – as we mentioned above, many different kinds of particles and contaminants can enter your air through cracks and holes in your ducts. By permanently sealing them, you can improve your indoor air quality.
  • Better energy efficiency – duct sealing significantly reduces air loss, so your air conditioner is no longer working harder, which helps reduce energy efficiency.
  • Less stress on your system – when you lose air to faulty ductwork, your HVAC system has to compensate for this by working harder. Systems that work under stressful conditions for long periods of time can age prematurely.

Duct sealing is an excellent way to improve your indoor comfort, reduce your energy usage and improve your indoor air quality in Valrico. Contact Air Conditioning Experts today and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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