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Solar Air Conditioner Services in Lakeland

If you want to significantly reduce the amount of energy that your HVAC system uses on a regular basis to keep your Florida home cool during the summer months, then you may be interested in our solar air conditioner services. A solar AC works just like an ordinary air conditioner, but draws much of its power from photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of your home or on the ground adjacent to your home. We not only provide excellent solar air conditioner installation and replacement, but we also provide repair and maintenance services. With our NATE–certified technicians at your beck and call, you can count on a job well done every time.

Our solar air conditioner professionals offer quality installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services throughout Lakeland and surrounding areas.

How Does a Solar Air Conditioner Work?

There is no shortage of information about solar energy and its potential benefits to homeowners out there, but only a professional solar AC technician tell you how it will work best with your home. If you’re curious about our solar air conditioner services, then all you have to do is pick up the phone. We’d be happy to walk you through every step in the process, and whether your home and property could take full advantage of all that solar cooling has to offer. A solar air conditioner works by drawing energy from the sun’s rays via a photovoltaic panel and a solar inverter that converts this collected energy into useable electrical current to power your AC as well as other electrical appliances during bright sunny days. It can be connected to the grid so that always have your utility supply to fall back on during those cloudy days.

Benefits of Choosing a Solar Air Conditioner

There are numerous benefits to choosing a professionally installed solar air conditioner for your home. Not only is it comforting to know that you are making the most of a natural and virtually inexhaustible resource to cover one of your greatest energy expenses during the year, but this also leads to substantial energy savings in the long–term. Why not make the sun cool your home instead of heating it up? Make sure that you hire a professional solar AC provider, though, so that you can be certain every part of the system is properly installed.

Comprehensive Solar Air Conditioner Services

In addition to providing new system installation services for your solar air conditioner, our technicians can take care of any repair or maintenance service needs that you may require. Over time, your photovoltaic panel and inverter as well as the components of your cooling system can endure a significant amount of wear and tear that can reduce the efficiency and cooling capacity of your system. By taking care of any problems with your solar AC as they arise, and by insisting on routine maintenance, you can make sure that your system is kept in optimal condition at all times. Call Air Conditioning Experts today for all of your solar air conditioning service needs.