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Searching for Heat Pumps in Lakeland?

Of the various systems that we install and service for our customers, few are as versatile as the heat pump. It uses the same cycle of refrigerant as conventional air conditioners in order to cool your home during the spring and summer, but it can also reverse the flow of refrigerant, thus heating your home during the winter months. Its versatility has made into a popular choice for homeowners looking for a year–round heating and cooling system to install in their homes.

When you call on Air Conditioning Experts, you can be sure that we have got all of your heat pump system services covered. We not only install and replace full systems, but we can also repair and maintain your heat pump if you already have one installed in your home. Our technicians are NATE–certified and they work hard at every job they complete, from minor system adjustments to comprehensive new system installation. Want to learn more about our heat pump services? Just pick up that phone and call us today. Our friendly staff members are standing by.

The heat pump professionals at Air Conditioning Experts offer quality repair, installation and other HVAC services throughout Lakeland and surrounding areas.

Heat Pump Installation

One of the most important factors of any heat pump installation is also one of the most overlooked. In order to get the most from your equipment, the heating and cooling capacity of your heat pump must match the size of your living space. It’s the only way to ensure that your home has exactly what it needs to keep you and your family comfortable throughout the year. When you rely on Air Conditioning Experts, we can make sure your home is completely comfortable. We work with homes and budgets of all sizes and descriptions.

Heat Pump Repair

Over time, your heat pump is subject to a significant amount of wear and tear to its components. There is simply no getting around this fact, although you can stave off many issues and keep your system in good working order with routine maintenance. Eventually, you will require professional heat pump repair services. Better call Air Conditioning Experts. Only by hiring a professional technician can you reasonably expect your heat pump system to be fixed properly and quickly. Entrusting your home comfort to amateurs or to the gut intuition of the DIY approach can put your entire system at risk.

Heat Pump Maintenance

As we already mentioned, keeping your system in good working order throughout its service life is as easy as having your system professionally maintained. We offer excellent and comprehensive heat pump maintenance services that can restore the efficiency and functionality of your system by keeping it well adjusted, cleaned and inspected. Call us today to schedule a heat pump service.